Tasks How many Reputation you get for them
Adding Recipes(+10):When you add a new recipe to Khal that you've actually made. 10 Reputations are added to your profile These recipes are shown in your profile. Make sure you add meaningful recipes that make your profile attractive and enrich Khal. If you delete your recipe, you lose 10 reputations
Making others recipes(+15):When you make others recipe and add it to Khal with your proof images 15 Reputations are added to your profile. Try to explore newer recipes from different groups. Mark the recipe as "Made" only if you feel you got it right. When you undo your "made" you lose 15 reputations.
When your recipe is liked(+5):When someone clicks on the like button on your recipe (likes your recipe). You get 5 reputations for each click, make sure you share your recipe to your friends and collect as many likes as this is a fast way to collect reputations.
When someone clicks on "I want to make this"(+5):Congratulations there is someone who thinks you're recipe is worth making. You get 5 Reputations for each click when someone adds your recipe to their "I want to make this" list. Make sure you get more of this by adding recipes that other members would like to try out
When someone makes your recipe(+15):Congratulations again. This time someone actually went through the trouble of actually making your recipe and adding proof that they made it. Both you and the recipe maker get 15 reputations each. Try to make it easier for other people to make your recipes by giving detailed instructions and adding as many images as possible
When your Question gets a Upvote(+5):If you have a doubt on how to make a certain recipe or how the Khal works you can ask it here.Make sure you join the cooking group 1st or you won't see your own question .You get 5 reputations for each upvote when someone upvotes your question. You do not lose any reputations for your question being downvoted as we believe no question is stupid. However your question could be flagged if it is unrelated or has offensive content.
When your Answer gets a Upvote(+15):When you answer other members and your answer gets a upvote. You get 15 Reputations for each upvote. In order to see relevant questions When you click on the "Questions" tab make sure you join cooking groups. You only see Questions from groups that you are members of. Try to be as helpful as you can, upload images if possible. Do not assume people know terms/language of your cooking groups