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Very delicious and healthy pancakes

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Mariem Rasim
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Mac n Cheese with Potato Patties

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Milan Goviinda
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Scrambled Egg with Roasted Broccoli

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Sonika Pal
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How to make a healthy breakfast (pancakes)

1_ Bring a plate a mash a banana in it 

2_add the egg and the milk and the oats and the cinnamon then mix them to

3_ bring a pan and put drops of olive oil in it and put some of the mixture we do under a light fire for 3 min and put it on it's other side 

4_ repeat this thing until you finish the mixture you do 

5_then add honey and your favorite fruits and nuts and eat it with tea in the morning 

İt's very delicious unordinary breakfast

(6 days, 11 hours ago)
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Radek Kolodziejczyk

Is that an Arab pancake. Its in the Arab group