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Khal:.. Show the world your cooking skills

So what do you do on Khal? Khal allows you to show your love for food. Cooking and Tasting it. You can do so by,

  • Joining recipe groups
  • Adding recipes
  • Making other's recipes
  • Asking questions regarding cooking
  • Gaining culinary badges, reputation and feedback ratings
  • Follow other members
  • And and and tasting and reviewing the recipes that other members make. Yes you heard right. You don't just read the recipes you can now taste them too
Recipe groups
  • You can join a recipe group to see all new recipes that get added to a group and even answer questions of other members who are exploring recipes in that group. Answering questions earns you Reputations. You won't see questions of a group unless you join that group. Even if its your own question
Adding recipes
  • You cannot add a recipe to a site, unless you've made that recipe. You will need to add pictures of you making the recipe in the proof images. If the images of you making the recipe do not match your profile picture. Other members can report you. Try and add unique recipes. If the recipe that you are trying to add is already there. Try to make that recipe instead. Making others recipe gives you more reputation than adding a new one.
Making other's recipes
  • When you see others recipes. You can "like it", add it to your, "I want to make this" list, or make the recipe, add proof you made it so its included in "I made this" list. However when you choose to make a recipe. You have to make it exactly as the recipe reads with no changes. If you want to make changes to a recipe, try and add a new recipe with your changes
Cooking Questions
  • If you have cooking questions, you can ask them in the questions section. Please join the group 1st before asking the question or you won't be able to see your own question. If other members upvote your question you get 5 reputation for each upvote. You can even answer other members questions. When you answer other members questions and get upvotes on the answers. You get 15 reputations.
Tastings (See Video Above)
  • You can now taste recipes that other members make by clicking on "Tastings near me", Hmmm sounds Yummy. You can even offer a tasting on your recipe. Or someone else's recipe that you've made at least once before offering a tasting. You can charge for tastings. The members who taste your cooking will rate you. Your rating score is an average of all your ratings, for all recipes, from all members. However you need to get verified in order to offer tasting. Click on "Offer Tasting" in any of the recipes to see the next steps.