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Sex: Male

From: Jersey City, US

Cuisines I love: Indian, French, Thai, Italian, Ethiopian,

Cuisines I Cook: Goan Fish Curry, Eggs Benedict, French Onion Soup, Chicken Biryani

Top 5 Dishes I love to eat: Mashed Eggplant , Chicken Biryani,

Top 5 Dishes I cook best: Indian, French, Thai, Italian, Ethiopian,


I learned to cook at a very young age. My dad cooks really good. I am blessed to be born where I am born. The foods cooked in my home growing up were amazing. My dad wanted to open a restaurant. He cooked really well and often tried different dishes. I remember once we tried a dish. It would hardly repeat itself more than twice a month. When I moved to the US .I lived with roommates, who mostly didn't want to cook. I loved that period of my life.Getting drunk and cooking. There was a guy playing music. There was a lot of laughing and drinking and eating. I'm not sure how the food actually came out as I mostly got drunk reviews. I always tried to decorate the plate.




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